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NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center Brings the Taste of the World to Downtown Harrisonburg

March 10, 2020 by Andrea Dono

NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center’s annual Taste of the World celebration is coming back to Downtown Harrisonburg this year on Saturday, March 21st at First Presbyterian Church! Ahead of the festivities, we had a chat with NewBridges’ Communications and Development Coordinator Abigail Bush-Wilder to learn more about this delicious fundraising event and how it supports the great work NewBridges does in our community.

Describe Taste of the World – why is it such a cool event?
Once a year, NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center invites local businesses and community members in the Harrisonburg area to both sponsor and attend our annual fundraising event, Taste of the World. For 14 years, Taste of the World has been our flagship event. Featuring foods, décor, and music from around the world, we strive to integrate our community involvement with a global perspective. This year the event will celebrate our local immigrant communities from the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

Who usually attends? Is this something people flying solo will feel comfortable at?
With over 250 attendees, Taste of the World is truly a unique chance to reach a group of people who cares deeply about a thriving community here in Harrisonburg. This is totally an experience for individuals as well as pairs or groups. 

How has the menu been developed this year? Is this different from previous years?
This year, in celebration of a culture present among us, we’ve decided to feature the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Serving dishes like Ntaba (goat stew), Poulet Moambe, stewed tomatoes with okra, fried beignets, and fufu, we hope to be able to share just a taste of the DRC with all of our guests. This year, we’re working with members of the local Congolese community in not only brainstorming menu ideas but also cooking authentic Congolese food to be served as part of our buffet.

What does NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center offer the Harrisonburg community?
Through extensive training and experience in the particular dynamics that influence the lives of immigrants and refugees, the agency works diligently to engage immigrants, connect cultures, and build community with a vision for a thriving community that everyone can call home. Recognizing that our work encompasses more than what a board and six staff members are able to provide, we focus our work on both reducing the burden that individuals and families experience when immigrating to our community and improving local community awareness and understanding of the immigrant experience and benefits to the area. Our services include our Health Navigation program, through which we help our clients navigate their medical bills and financial assistance programs through our local hospitals, our Immigration Law program, written document translations, legal and notary services, and consulting with businesses and professionals in the community whom employ immigrants.

Tell us the basics of the event — when is it, where is it, how much is it and how do I get tickets?
Taste of the World 2020 will take place on Saturday March 21st and will be held at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Harrisonburg. Tickets are available online at this link,, or you can mail a check to our office (64 W. Water St) made out to NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center. Single tickets are $70 and a table of 8 is $500.

If I can’t go, how else can I support your work?
If you are unable to go but you would still like to support NewBridges, feel free to make a donation online,, or by check made out to NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center.