The Harrisonburg Downtown Art Walk is a resource for locals and visitors alike to engage with public art. Public art provides access to beauty and imagination; things that everyone should be able to enjoy freely. Harrisonburg has long supported a thriving artistic community, and nearly 30 local murals, mosaics, and sculptures are a testament to that. The Art Walk exists to share the talent of our local artists, the importance of the businesses and organizations who support them, and inspiration to all who pass through it.

When viewing the interactive map on your mobile device, tapping the map will make the locations of the art appear as grey icons, with the art currently selected appearing in red. You must scroll up on the images in order to read more info about them. Thank you for participating, and please enjoy.

This guide is the product of Kyle Kirby, with design help on the physical brochure from Wren Snyder. Kyle is a graduate of James Madison University, with a bachelor’s degree in Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication. A multi-faceted artist himself, Kyle is happy and proud to have been able to combine his passions for art, writing, and people, in order to provide the Downtown Art Walk as a foundational art resource to the Downtown Harrisonburg community. Kyle is happy to answer inquiries and/or collaborate on your next project via email, at

This project was funded by Advancing the Arts, a grant program from the Arts Council of the Valley; with additional funding from The Gaines Group Architects.