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Downtown News

Running For a Cause

July 9, 2015 by Guest

It's easy to see why Harrisonburg is naturally a great place for outdoor recreation. With the mountains surrounding us, there are endless opportunities to be active in Rocktown. This year’s Valley Fourth Parade celebrated this very idea with the theme “Get Outdoors and Get Moving!”  Leading this year’s parade were two people that motivate the Harrisonburg community to live healthier lifestyles, Kevin Gibson and Alan Maynard, the co-founders of VA Momentum. more

Making The Move To Downtown Harrisonburg

May 6, 2014 by Nicolette Davlantes

It was a hot and hazy September morning when Justine picked me up from the airport in Burbank. I had spent the last week attending the first annual Lockn’ Music Festival in Nelson County with friends from my days at JMU, and then visiting my little brother (a sophomore at JMU) in Harrisonburg.  I remember looking at the San Gabriel Mountains as the plane descended and thinking that while they were certainly beautiful, they couldn’t quite hold a candle to the Blue Ridge Mountains I had just left. more