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New Year, New Chef and New Menu at Food.Bar.Food

December 19, 2018 by Kim Kirk

While chatting with Owner Amanda Cannon and Chef Beau Floyd of Food.Bar.Food, the owner of Wade’s Mill delivered a sack of grits to the restaurant. These weren’t just any grits. They were Bloody Butcher Grits – named for their beautiful pale burgundy color. The ground corn is white with dark red flecks throughout, like blood splatters on a white butcher’s apron. Cannon and Floyd’s commitment to seeking out quality ingredients is just one of the values they hope customers will appreciate when dining here.

“We are a scratch kitchen,” says Chef Beau. “We want people to look at the menu and appreciate the care and attention that goes into the details.”

Chef headshot

Chef Beau is the new chef at Food.Bar.Food, but he’s not new to the culinary scene. He took over the kitchen at Food.Bar.Food in July and has been introducing new ingredients, techniques and dishes to the menu over the past few months. He’s held numerous positions in the kitchen – from prep and line cook to pastry and sous chef – and he attributes his skills to the people he’s learned from and worked with along the way. At 19, he landed a job at the former Congress Street Publik House in New Market and worked under the leadership of Neal Beaver, previously a pastry chef at the Joshua Wilton House. Chef Beau was a Sous Chef at Bella Luna when it first opened, was the Sous Chef at Food.Bar.Food for the first two years, worked at the Joshua Wilton House, and was most recently the VIP Chef for JMU special events. He’s also Amanda’s husband, so they’re looking forward to working together and celebrating some big things for the restaurant in 2019. 

Food.Bar.Food’s main concept is offering a diverse and approachable selection of food from all around the globe with flavors inspired by worldwide culinary traditions. Chef Beau is working on his next menu that will embrace global flavors and challenge him and his staff to increase the technicality of the menu.  

“I’m really excited that Beau is introducing more global flavors and pushing himself and his staff to incorporate a variety of culinary techniques,” says Amanda.

For those of you who are obsessed with favorites like the Vietnamese noodle bowl, caramel shrimp, or Peruvian chicken, don’t worry! They’re not going away completely. Chef Beau is re-imagining these dishes to incorporate similar flavors in a new way. Look for the new menu to be unveiled early in 2019. When it’s rolled out, you’ll also notice a special late-night menu—from 9-10pm—with items you won’t see any other time.

There’s even more on the horizon in 2019 starting with a 3-course culinary adventure dinner they’re hosting on New Year’s Eve. For $47 per person (gratuity and tax included), you can choose one cuisine or mix and match for each course, ranging from Mediterranean and Latin American flavors to Asian and soul food. Gluten free and vegan choices are available for each course. Reservations are required, and tickets are designated for tables of two or four. If you need a table for a larger party or group, email

This is the first multi-course dinner package the restaurant has offered, but they plan to host more creative dinner events like this throughout the upcoming year. Food.Bar.Food will also begin offering catering for intimate events and Chef Beau plans to teach a future series of culinary classes for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals and basics of cooking – all while welcoming a new baby to their family in April!

“I want to help people learn to cook at home, plan meals, limit food waste and encourage them to explore the culinary world,” says Chef Beau. “I think our society has built a stigma around cooking at home. I want to showcase how we can help support our local communities by purchasing local ingredients and cooking with them at home or eating at local restaurants.”

Food.Bar.Food has established itself as a favorite destination for brunch and cocktails in downtown Harrisonburg’s culinary district. Starting in January, Sunday brunch will start at 9am to accommodate guests’ requests for an earlier brunch. Amanda and Chef Beau hope you’ll join them at Food.Bar.Food to explore the new flavors and offerings on the dinner and late-night menu.