This Update Will Be Right Up Your Alley

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This Update Will Be Right Up Your Alley

August 22, 2019 by Lauren Huber

If you have ever walked from Turner Pavilion to Court Square you have probably used the alleyway between Finnegan's Cove and Beyond. This is a main gateway to downtown from the heavily used Water Street parking deck. more

Creating a Destination

October 11, 2018 by Lauren Huber

The Destination Downtown Grant was created to beautify, add vibrancy, and introduce new experiences to downtown Harrisonburg. We invited the community to join us in making downtown an ever-stronger destination for locals and visitors alike. It was hard to choose among the 25 applications, but a panel of community members helped us narrow it down so we could award nine grants that will help us put $25,000 directly into the heart of our city. more