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Virginia Living’s 2019 Best of Virginia Awards

May 23, 2019 by Jeslyn Stiles

Congratulations to all of the Downtown businesses who were honored in Virginia Living’s 2019 Best of Virginia awards! Downtown Harrisonburg pretty much swept the Shenandoah Valley category, and we couldn’t be more proud. Here’s the full list of winners:


Best Annual Charity Event: Explore More Discovery Museum (Night at the Museum)

Best Art Gallery: Larkin Arts

Best Family Entertainment: Explore More Discovery Museum

Best Movie Theatre: Court Square Theatre

Best Museum: Explore More Discovery Museum

Best Music Venue: The Golden Pony

Best Breakfast Restaurant: Little Grill Collective

Best Craft Brewery: Pale Fire Brewing Co.

Best Craft Cocktails: Food.Bar.Food

Best Dessert Menu: The Joshua Wilton House

Best Farmers’ Market: Harrisonburg Farmers Market

Best Food Truck: Mashita

Best Grocery Store: Friendly City Food Co-Op

Best Indian Food: Indian and American Cafe

Best Local Ice Cream Shop: Kline’s Dairy Bar

Best Local Sandwich Shop: Lola Mo’s Delicatessen

Best Oysters: Billy Jack’s Wing and Draft Shack

Best Seafood Restaurant: The Joshua Wilton House

Best Steakhouse: Local Chop & Grill House

Best Bed and Breakfast: The Joshua Wilton House

Best Fishing Guide Company: Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

Best Fine Jewelry Store: James McHone Jewelry

Best Outdoor Outfitter: Walkabout Outfitter

Best Women’s Clothing Store: The Yellow Button

Best Architecture Firm: Mather Architects PC

Best Accounting Firm: PB Mares

Best Real Estate Firm: Kline May Realty


Best Food Festival: Harrisonburg International Festival

Best Bakery: Heritage Bakery & Cafe

Best Bar Restaurant: Local Chop & Grill House

Best Brunch Restaurant: The Joshua Wilton House

Best Craft Brewery: Brothers Craft Brewing

Best Indian Food: Taj of India

Best Local Gourmet Food Store: Friendly City Food Co-Op

Best Locally Owned Coffee Shop: Black Sheep Coffee

Best Outdoor Dining: The Joshua Wilton House

Best Oysters: Local Chop & Grill House

Best Pizzeria: Bella Luna Wood Fired Pizza

Best Restaurant: Local Chop & Grill House

Best Bicycle Shop: Shenandoah Bicycle Company

Best Law Firm: Hoover Penrod


Best Art Event: First Fridays Downtown 

Best Charity: Explore More Discovery Museum

Best Bar Restaurant: The Golden Pony

Best Brunch Restaurant: Food.Bar.Food

Best Dessert Menu: Local Chop & Grill House

Best Financial Planning Firm: Good Wealth Management

Best Italian Restaurant: Bella Luna Wood Fired Kitchen

Best Outdoor Dining: Jimmy Madison’s

Best Hotel: Hotel Madison

Best Home Builder: Herr & Co

Best Architecture Firm: Gaines Group Architects

Best Men’s Clothing Store: Walkabout Outfitter

Best Sporting Goods Store: Walkabout Outfitter

Best Law Firm: Clark & Bradshaw

Best Massage Therapy Group: Becky Bartells Massage Therapy