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10 Local Minimalist Gift Ideas

December 6, 2022 by Guest

Guest Blog Post by Morgan Paixao | Humble Home Organizing

Minimalism and holiday gifting – two things that, on the surface, don’t seem to go together, right? I wouldn’t be so sure…

As someone who is very conscientious about physical items in the home AND a big supporter of small businesses, I like to think outside the box when it comes to gifting.

Here are some of my favorite recommendations as a minimalist gifter!

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  • The Gift | Downtown Dollars
    For Who | Your Mother-in-Law, Your Boss, That Friend

    Downtown Dollars is the perfect gift for that someone in your life who is, let’s say, ‘particular’. They usually have a list in hand and know *exactly* what they want. Downtown Dollars gives them the opportunity to do just that – get what they want! Bonus points if you make a special day of it with them! 
  • The Gift | Joshua Wilton Gift Certificate
    For Who | Your Parents, Your Best Friend Couple

    The perfect date night for the couple that never takes time for themselves! A romantic treat of an evening that will surely create beautiful memories. 
  • The Gift | Explore More Children’s Museum – Annual Membership
    For Who | Your Sister or Brother’s Family, Friends with Kids

    As a proud Auntie myself, I can whole-heartedly say that an annual membership to the Explore More Children’s Museum is invaluable. We are so lucky to have this fantastic resource, right in the heart of downtown. It’s the perfect place to spend time with the little ones that…have a lot of energy! 

  • The Gift | Local Cider from Sage Bird Ciderworks
    For Who | Your Foodie Sibling, A Gift Exchange Treat

    Who doesn’t love a delicious bottle of local cider? A great stocking stuffer or quick go-to for your staff holiday party! 
  • The Gift | A Night Stay at the Friendly City Inn
    For Who | The In-Laws

    Not only does this gift say, ‘You deserve a mini vacation!’ but it also says, ‘We love you, come visit us!’. The best of both worlds in my opinion. A perfectly quaint getaway with a 5 minute walk from downtown.

  • The Gift | Flower Subscription from Sparrow’s
    For Who | Your Special Lady

    Okay, now this gift is for the ultimate overachiever. For the gifter that says, ‘You’re not getting just ONE gift!’. The great thing about Sparrow’s Flower Subscription is that it’s totally customizable. You can choose how many bouquets and the frequency in which you’d like to give! Oh and yes, this is absolutely year round! 

  • The Gift | A Cat’s Cradle Donation
    For Who | The Animal Lover in Your Life

    Donating in your friend or family member’s name is a unique and special way to honor what they really care about!

  • The Gift | Dart Resale & Trade Gift Card (Purchase in-store)
    For Who | Your Thrift-Loving Bestie

    Dart Resale & Trade is an absolute gem for the second hand shop lover! A curated collection of unique on-trend and vintage garments that always has new inventory rolling in. Secondhand, sustainable, and fabulous! 
  • The Gift | Haircut from Brown & Co
    For Who | Your Sister

    The perfect gift for a friend or family member that needs some serious self-care time! Treat them to a haircut, color, or blow-out! 
  • The Gift | Yoga Classes at The Center
    For Who | Your mom, Your Bestie

    Do you have someone in your life who’s always wanted to try yoga but needs a little encouragement? Gift them some classes at The Center and help them start 2023 off right!

Morgan Paixao is the owner and founder of Humble Home Organizing. To learn more about home and virtual organizing, decluttering, and moving services visit

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