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Texas Inn

From its humble beginnings as a 10-seat diner known as the Texas Tavern in Lynchburg, Virginia, the Texas Inn has won numerous awards for its chili and hot dogs, as well as been featured on many TV shows.

Founded in 1935, they are best known for their secret chili recipe, delicious homemade relish, and their signature sandwich — the Western.

They now have three locations to serve you: 422 Main St. (Downtown Lynchburg), 110 Cornerstone St. (Lynchburg), & 95 S. Main St. (Downtown Harrisonburg).

Founded by Nick Bullington, a Ringling Brothers’ Circus advance man, the Texas Inn has been serving “1,500 people, 15 at a time,” since The Great Depression. Legend has it that Bullington paid a San Antonio, Texas chef a whopping $5 for the chili recipe in 1927. They still use that ORIGINAL recipe for their chili and delicious golden relish!

Texas Inn is proudly owned by the Saunders family, including two JMU grads.