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B.C. Lox & Keys

B.C. Lox & Keys was officially incorporated as of May, 2005.  Chris Curry, the founder and president of the business, got his start in locksmithing at Brian’s Lock & Key in Blacksburg, VA.  Chris received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Virginia Tech in Agriculture Economics in 2002. While working on his degree he began working for Brian’s. After his time in Blacksburg, he returned to the Valley to be closer to the family farm.

All the while, Chris would conduct locksmith services for his friends and family, and decided to pursue this service full-time. B.C. Lox & Keys was and is able to offer lockout services—something that wasn’t really available within the community during that time. With the lockout tools and pick set that his previous employer gave to him upon his departure, Chris was on the road to success.

“Security is something that people are always going to need,” says Chris. Security and customer service are the two most important aspects of the business. “This industry has grown significantly when it comes to specialization, and we like to be honest and straightforward with our customers about a job. Customer loyalty is exceedingly important to us, so we make the effort to do the best job we can. We’re there till the job’s finished.” Since the store front opened in December, B.C. Lox & Keys has been able to offer a wider range of services than when the company was solely mobile.