Prusa Face Shield 3D Printing Info

A community of makers and creators in our area are coming together to produce a piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) called the Prusa Face Shield. They are currently trying to pull together 3D printers in the community who would be interested in teaming up to produce the 3D printed parts in the design.
Here is what people need to know if they want to be involved with 3D printing parts:
2. Join the slack group, this is a group of people across the globe working on this design and supplying to their local hubs.
3. After you’ve joined the slack group, join the channel #harrisonburgva. That is where the discussion is happening for our area.
4. Follow these safety guidelines throughout the shield making process to prevent the shields from spreading disease. The goal here is to make life saving equipment, but that cant be done if the equipment itself is carrying the virus
5. Start printing parts. PETG is the preferred material for prints, but PLA or ABS is acceptable.
6. Seal your parts in a ziplock bag and label the bag with the date sealed, plastic type, and your contact information
7. coordinate with people in the #harrisonburgva channel of to arrange a drop off or pick up of your parts for assembly.
If you have questions about the 3d printing process and want to get involved, you can reach out to Nick Lamb on the slack channel mentioned above.