Roger Harvey & Family at Pale Fire

Event created by Pale Fire Brewing Co.

An evening with Roger Harvey and family featuring Tucker Riggleman, Mike Frazier, Trout Mouth, & Vince Paixao. A “round robin” collaborative show that’s sure to entertain!
$5 at door
Roger Harvey (Philadelphia, PA)
Too often it seems we are searching for gold in all the wrong places.
On Two Coyotes, Roger Harvey looks beyond the blinding flash of all that seems to glitter and reconnects with the roots of song, reminiscent of a time when music was more folk tradition than commodity. The record feels like a spiritual descendant of the country and folk music that influenced its creation, while maintaining continuity with the electric-guitar driven style of his previous releases. The result is a conversation between the warm acoustic nature of country and the deliberate twang and richness of rock and roll, with a deeply emotive message and timeless delivery.
As a whole, the album stands as a document of Roger’s search for love and compassion in a world that too often seems largely devoid of these things, despite our constant “connection.” Amidst a haunting sonic backdrop, Roger’s “Gold” provides perhaps the most encompassing summarization of the album’s query: “How’d we get so distant while sitting so close? You call this connected, we’re never alone… Is this what you want?”​