Beans and Brews Festival

Event created by Pale Fire Brewing and the Friendly Fermenter

The Harrisonburg/Rockingham affiliate of Bridge of Hope, with the generous support of Pale Fire Brewing Co. and the Friendly Fermenter, are pleased to announce the first annual Beans & Brews Chili & Homebrew Competition!

HOMEBREWERS: The home-brew contest is an open call (any beer style) and requires that you submit four (4) bottles of your home-brew for judging by Sunday, July 15. (Location TBA). The winner will be picked by a panel of expert judges (Local professional brewers) and the winner will then be invited to work with a professional brewer to produce a licensed batch of their beer which will become the official beer of the 2018 Beans & Brews Festival.

CHILI COOKOFF CHEFS: This contest is open to all non-professionals (no caterers, or professional cooks or chefs) and requires that each participant prepare and serve at least six (6) quarts of their chili between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, Sept. 29, at the 2018 Beans & Brews Festival.

CHILI COOKOFF JUDGES: You may pre-register to be one of the official Chili Judges. On Sept. 29 you will be given an official ballot and a “license to taste” which gets you a sample of all the chilis. Your judging will take place between 1pm and 3pm.

For more information and to register, please visit