Stan Maclin

Harriet Tubman Cultural Center

    Stan Maclin is an alumni of EMU and is a force for racial justice in the Shenandoah Valley. Maclin has lived here for 17 years and been to 70 different countries. He has and continues to organize marches and programs to address the racial issues that haunt our country today.

    Originally from Lynchburg, Maclin is a Harrisonburg Chapter Leader of Virginia Organize. In Maclin’s own words, “Virginia Organize is a state wide grassroots organization with chapters all across Virginia. What they do is empower grassroots individuals to have a voice and representation at the local, state, and national level.” Successes of the Virginia Organize include convincing the city council to change their hiring policy to be more reflective of the populace. One of their current projects is a Community Review Board, which deals with police-community relations. This project operates alongside another one of their project’s called “Freedom From Fear”, which aims to improve police community relations.

    Maclin’s primary goal for Harrisonburg is to help “...make this an all American city.” One aspect of Maclin’s goal is bringing diversity to the geography of downtown business. “Downtown should be a welcoming place where families, students, tourists can say 'Man, this a great city.' and I think that that’s starting to happen in a very meaningful way.”