HDR & Downtown need you! 

We ask community members to roll up their sleeves and put their time, energy, and donations where their hearts are – downtown! Volunteers are our advisors, project managers, champions, and workforce. Public and private partnerships form our backbone and include the City of Harrisonburg, community groups, arts organizations, property and business owners, financial institutions, JMU, and so many others.

I love downtown because of the strong sense of community. Faces may change over time, but the feeling of ‘we’re all in this together’ continues.
— Lauren Penrod, Owner of Midtowne Market & Bottleshop
My volunteer work for HDR is time well spent. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and engaging with new people. And, the committee I’m on is a model of an outstanding collegial relationship between the staff members and the volunteers. It is truly a team effort.
— Violet Allain, Community Member
It is my opinion that downtown expresses the roots and future of our community. Prior to HDR, the downtown was deprived of oxygen. This is why I choose to invest and support this organization as it is the lifeblood to our City.
— Barry Kelley, Matchbox Realty
I choose to support downtown because it is the epicenter for residents and tourists to work, live, and play. Regardless of class or cultural background, there is something for everyone.
— Chris Jones, City of Harrisonburg City Council