Idea Pop Up 

The first Idea Pop Up event proved to be a much needed space for the community. The event was very intentional in offering different ways to communicate your hopes for downtown Harrisonburg. Our hope is to replicate that here. There are several ways to share your idea, choose whichever suits you best. Below is a re-cap of the input we received as well as the opportunity to participate from home. We will continue to host Idea Pop-Up events and look forward to making these dreams a reality.

Overall Themes

Idea Incubator - Simply share your own idea in your own words.

Picture It - Downtown's Pintrest Vision Board

MadLibs - Help Create Downtown's Vision Story

The year is 2027. Downtown Harrisonburg is widely recognized for (1) ________, which makes us proud.  The first thing you realize upon entering the historic downtown is (2)_______.  People are impressed by (3) _______. Getting around and finding destinations is easy because (4) _____.

            This is a clean and safe downtown; it’s easy and enjoyable to walk and bike because (5) ________. Where there once were parking lots, there are now (6)_______ and (7) ______. Our historic buildings are carefully maintained; not one has been torn down in over 10 years! We love our new buildings because they (8) _____. There is more housing than ever before, meeting such needs as (9) _____ & (10) ____.

            We enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Our proximity to hiking & biking trails in the mountains are complemented by (11) ____ & (12) _____ downtown.

            We are still Virginia’s only Culinary District and people come from far and wide to enjoy it. We have more thriving restaurants and food-related businesses than ever before, with additions like (13) _____. From food tours to the farmers market to (14) ______, we know what it means to (15) ________.

            We worked hard to retain downtown’s library, municipal institutions, the post office, and other assets that draw people downtown every day. There truly is something for everyone. Families particularly enjoy the new (16) _______. Students frequently go to (17)_______. Tourists love to visit the (18) _______. All year, downtown is bustling with activity.

            We have a thriving local economy. You can find a range of businesses from startups to (19) _______.  The mix of businesses appeals to tourist and locals alike. Favorite long-term businesses that are still here include: (20) _____. Exciting new types of businesses offer (21) _______ & (22) ________.  

            Downtown has reached its second “heyday,” thanks to the hard work of the entire community. It’s the heart of our community and a jewel of the Shenandoah Valley.

Click here to submit your own online. Or Click here to print a PDF.

Map It -

Visual Learners will appreciate the ability use this map to help brainstorm ideas for specific ares of downtown that might need some love.


Chat Room - Auditory people

Disclaimer - As much as we want to hear all of your ideas, we can not guarantee that all ideas will be implemented.