Three Notch'd Brewing Company aims to 'leave their mark' by brewing small batches of locally crafted brews that feature locally sourced ingredients. The brewery originated in Charlottesville in 2013 and was named after a colonial-era road running through central Virginia. The road was made famous by a man named Jack Jouett who rode along Three Notch’d Road in 1781 to warn Thomas Jefferson of an impending British attack on Monticello. 

In 2014, they opened the taproom on East Market Street and have successfully created a space where music, art and beer are always featured. Mary Morgan is the resident brewster, although many refer to her as a mad scientist for her creativity and willingness to experiment. We asked her a few questions about the craft beer scene in Harrisonburg and what's next for Three Notch'd.

In your opinion, what differentiates Harrisonburg as a great beer town?

The people of Harrisonburg support quality, local food and drink in downtown. They are adventurous, open-minded and knowledgeable. From the brewing prospective, this encourages us to be innovative and mindful of what we are bringing to our taps. 

What’s your favorite story/experience since opening the brewery?

My favorite experiences have been our fundraisers. At Three Notch'd we continually seek to form partnerships and relationships with the people in our community and local organizations and causes. In fact, this past weekend, the brewery hosted a chili cook-off that benefited VAIL. This Friday, August 18th, they'll be supporting Humane Dominion, Virginia's only animal PAC , From 6-9pm, you can learn how to help animals through the political process. For every pint sold, $1 will go towards Humane Dominion's efforts to support animal-friendly candidates.  

What are your future goals for the brewery? Any exciting updates or plans?

There are some plans for the brewery that are in the works, but not yet available for publication. At the brewery, we are always exploring new ways to incorporate local ingredients into the freshest, most local brew. 

What do you think will be the next big trend in craft beer?

I think we have caught glimpses of the next wave, as we see a shift towards more modest ABV beers. Our customers have been reaching out for beers that they can have a few of as they relax in the taproom. 

What beer would you recommend to someone who says they don’t like craft beer?

It really depends. We usually ask a few questions about what the person does like about a beer and what turns them off. That leads us towards a much more tailored selection. With our 12 taps, we don't usually have a problem finding something for everyone. 

Mary was the Vice President of Harrisonburg Homebrewers Club and award-winning homebrewer before stepping down to focus efforts on Three Notch’d.  Mary has integrated her relationships into the brewery through collaborations with homebrewers, local restaurants and bands. She’s been delivering creative, clean, and balanced brews since taking the position in May 2014.  Mary’s passion for brewing developed from her roots in science as a high school Biology and Chemistry teacher, which she still does full-time.  She prides herself in using unique local ingredients whenever possible.

Meet Mary, Resident Brewster

Mary was the vice president of Harrisonburg Homebrewers Club and an award-winning home brewer before stepping down to focus her efforts on Three Notch’d. She joined the brewery in 2014, and is known for delivering creative, clean, and balanced brews. Her passion for brewing developed from her roots in science as a high school biology and chemistry teacher, which she still does full-time. 

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