Next up in our Craft Beer Month series is Pale Fire Brewing Company. Opened in April 2015 in the newly renovated Ice House, this brewery is the perfect place to enjoy a locally crafted beer. Curl up with a book on one of their cozy couches in the taproom or enjoy the patio with a furry friend and takeout for dinner from a nearby restaurant. You can't go wrong when you pair it with one of their award winning brews. 

We asked, and owner Tim Brady answered. Let's hear his take on our craft beer town. 

In your opinion, what differentiates Harrisonburg as a great beer town?

Harrisonburg residents love and support independent business in general. That spirit, and the willingness to take a chance and do something your passionate about is at the heart of craft beer. So, it's a natural fit for the city.

What’s your favorite story/experience since opening the brewery?

I couldn't pick one. We do a lot of community events and I love seeing the Tap Room packed full of people talking and laughing. I think it's really important to get out from behind screens and take a break from social media these days. 

Staff event's like our Christmas party or Labor Day party are special. So many people have worked really hard to make Pale Fire a success and it's nice when we get time to relax and enjoy each others company outside of work. There may have been a pair of short-shorts at the last one. I apologize.

What are your future goals for the brewery? Any exciting updates or plans?

Absolutely! We have a brand new bottling line coming on line this month. It means we'll have six packs of Deadly Rhythm Pale Ale and our (multiple) award winning Salad Days American Saison in local stores by the end of August.

What do you think will be the next big trend in craft beer?

I'm not sure. One of my favorite things is how creative the industry is so I hope I'm surprised. We're aware of the trends but don't really pay attention to them. We tend to brew dry and hoppy beers since that's what we like to drink. We also spend a lot of time with the geeky, behind the scenes, chemistry/biology side of brewing. Maybe that will be the trend - quality control labs and more white coats on staff at breweries.

What beer would you recommend to someone who says they don’t like craft beer?

I always recommend our Red Molly Irish Red to folks who haven't discovered craft beer yet. It's got notes of toffee, chocolate, and pit fruit. All flavors most people enjoy in general. It's smooth and goes great with a lot of different foods. It's always a hit with craft beer fans and people just dipping their toe in. Plus it's a dark red color. I think some people think that darker beers are all bitter or heavy. Red Molly is neither so it does a great job of breaking down that assumption.