By HDR Intern

Hatch3D's logo on their front window.

3D printing is revolutionizing industries, from education and medicine to military training. It's a game changing technology so we couldn't be more excited to have a company downtown that specializes in this unique field. Hatch3D is a brand new 3D printing, scanning, and design business located on West Market St. in the Wetsel Seed Building. 

What is 3D printing, you ask? It's the process of creating a unique object by layering a material, which can be anything from wood, plastic, metal, biological matter such as cells, and food, onto itself in successive layers until a 3D object is formed. It's used to lower the cost of mass producation and create objects faster. 3D printers are being manufactured for home use - some starting at around four hundred dollars. But, why shell out the money when you have Hatch3D in your own backyard.  

Shannon Donnelly and Steph Andrews are at the helm of the company. Shannon got involved in 3D printing because she’s always loved technology and designing unique products. In 2014, she attended a 3D printing conference & exhibition in New York City. Shortly after that, Shannon bought Hatch3D’s first printer (a Makerbot Replicator 2X) and began studying the industry, as well as troubleshooting the machine. From there, the business took off. 

Shannon couldn’t be more excited about opening up her world to the community. She believes that Harrisonburg is the best location to introduce new technology that will be recognized by artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone else with the idea or vision to create something unique. 


The employees at Hatch3D. From left: Steph Andrews Josh Stahl, Shannon Donnelly, and Deron Weaver.

Hatch3D can print almost anything. So, how can you dive in? They are currently working to create a full body scanning booth, which will print out full color sandstone figurines of the person inside - perfect for wedding toppers! Or, perhaps you want to take a photograph and do something different than the traditional frame. You have the ability to work with one of the designers at Hatch3D to create a 3D model of the picture and print out a physical representation. How's that for cherishing a memory. 

More important than the product though is the creative people that make up this business. They love the promise of a challenge and the endless possibility of ideas that enter their door. 3D printing is personal and more collaborative than traditional manufacturing. This is just another reason why downtown is the perfect location for Hatch3D. 

Currently, Hatch3D is working with the Harrisonburg Education Foundation on their Gala. The event will take place on April 17th and the goal is to raise money for the Harrisonburg Education Foundation. Hatch3D's involvement in this event highlights their devotion to working with the local community.

Hatch3D is open Tuesday through Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturdays 11am-4pm, or by appointment. You can keep up with the business by following their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and checking their website. With the help of Hatch3D, your ideas can come to life.


The main assembly gear for the full body scanner.

Hillary Chester is an intern at Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. She is also a senior at James Madison University, where she is studying Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication.