Alan Maynard and Kevin Gibson

VA Momentum

Alan and Kevin found what many people look for. Both JMU grads, Alan and Kevin met while they worked at JMU. They found they were both excited about the idea of planning events that were active in nature and supported local businesses and charities. VA Momentum works to energize the community by hosting active social charity events.

Valley 4th, which just celebrated it’s 4th anniversary,  has been their most repeated success. From the event’s conception in 2012, it’s become Alan and Kevin’s "hobby that got out of control." They realized how much they loved planning the event and seeing hundreds of people participating and the corresponding positive community response. One of their primary goals is to create a culture of mixing social activity and healthy activity. They strive for all their events to be accessible and friendly to show that this healthy and social activity is truly for everyone.

“In the ten years since I’ve graduated the downtown has grown so much. For us as a business we are riding a boom of Harrisonburg itself. The community is so in tact and there’s so much going on and growth.” In going forward Maynard and Gibson look to expand and make the same impacts elsewhere in Virginia as they have been successful in making right here in Harrisonburg.